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She's A Maniac

It's not often that I say, publicly, while blogging, that something changed my life. On TV. But, that's exactly what happened to me whilst Maniac watching. I'll spare you the nitty gritty specifics of my Oprah-esque "aha momenting" only because I don't want to be the one you are blaming for spilling the proverbial spoiler beans.

But I will say this: IT WAS EPIC. The scene that it happened in - I'll give you this much, it was in and out of an elevator towards the end - made me a) forget to breathe, b) clutch my chest as if I lost all ability to make or take said breath and c) made the ol' tears stream. It's like it was written just for me to see.

And I've been riding its wave ever since that lightbulb-y day. I was able to forgive myself, let an all too emotional (and shoulder-crushing) situation and ghost of a person go and put the past in just that ... the past. So it's now Emma and Jonah forever and a day and no more Jonah and Cera, sorry to say. But she was in one of my other favorites of those hims, Superbad, so I guess my cinematic love has come full circle. So ... yeah.

Photo cred and love to the drawings of Ryan Humphrey


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