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Baby Ruth

Aw, Ruth Langmore. 

My favorite female character ever from any show. With my favorite quote: "I don't know sh*t about f**k." Which, in just a few words, completely sums her, the show, and the world we live in, up. 'Cause bein' a girl is rough. And when your onscreen family is like hers, you really can't blame her. She's got to take the reins and is always and forever trying desperately to save the day - and her nephews from the same fate.

And she's got the hair of an absolute angel on earth, like a young Meg Ryan's from City of Angels which I tried unsuccessfully to repeat for many, many years to no avail. We're talkin' complete and total f-a-i-l FAIL. But back to Julia Garner's Ruth from Ozark. Another one that watching, I couldn't stop. Everything about her performance is intoxicating and addicting. I'm not kidding.

And she takes the idea of a girl boss to levels I never thought. So I suggest if you haven't to go right now and give it a nice weekend-full binge watch. Because after you do, I have no doubt that Ruth Langmore will be your new favorite and oh so gorgeously flawed character too.

Photo and image courtesy of Catherine Servel


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